How To Prepare

A few simple guidelines will allow you to have a successful colonic session and improve releases.

  • Complete all processing forms before arrival. We will spend some time talking, reviewing your health history, answering questions and making sure that you feel comfortable before getting started.
  • Day Before and Day of the Appointment – Drink as much water as you can, but do not over-compensate by guzzling a gallon of water. Eating a meal four hours before your session is ideal, but no food or beverage consumed in the two hours before your appointment. Recommended foods: Fruits and vegetables or their juices, raw organic nuts and seeds, plenty of Omega 3,6,9, coconut oils, avocados and cold pressed plant oils like olive and sesame, whole grains, or organic chicken and fresh water clean fish. Avoid: White flour, red meats, shell fish, processed carbs (white rice, pasta, etc), fried foods, white sugar, caffeine, carbonated beverages, dairy, alcohol and “fat-free” labeled items.
  • Day of the Appointment: No food two hours before appointment time, no liquids one hour before appointment time.


You are more than welcome to sit and relax after your session. We ask that you eat very light, pure and easy to digest foods the remainder of the day, no nuts, nothing spicy and ONLY steamed veggies for the day of your session. Try to stay away from raw, overly rich, heavy foods. You have just cleansed your system so well, we want you to allow your body to rest and relax so it can go to work healing you, rather than digesting huge, rich meals. It is just fine to carry on with your normal daily routine or to return to work. Listen to your body and you will feel fine.